Thursday 22 June – Bruno Generators took part in the CEI study day on the safety of road, motorway and railway tunnels at the Higher Fire Prevention Institute in Rome.

Bruno Generators presented itself as a sponsor, together with other important suppliers in the sector with an information desk present throughout the day, and was also represented thanks to the intervention of Eng. Luigi Vigilante , Director of Production and Plant of the Bruno production sites .

The CEI (Italian Electrotechnical Committee) and the AEIT (Italian Ass. Of Electrotechnical Electronics Automation Informatics and Telecommunications), in collaboration with the National Fire Brigade , have organized a study day for operators and professionals in the sector,  clients and students.

Important speakers from the world of institutions and the infrastructure sector took part in the chair during the day, such as the President of ANSFISA (National Agency for the Safety of Railways and Road and Highway Infrastructures) Emanuele Renzi , Prof. Mara Lombardi from the Sapienza University of Rome , Michele Mazzaro from the National Fire Brigade , Mario Lanciano from Italoiberica , and Giuseppe Parise President of the AEIT.

Two seminars were held during the day: the first dealt with the theme of the design and state-of-the-art construction of electrical and auxiliary systems, while the second dealt with the importance of the quality and performance of materials and components, the checks, testing and operation of electrical and auxiliary systems.

In the afternoon, Eng. Luigi Vigilante, as Director of Production and Plant of the production sites of Bari and Grottaminarda and Technical Director of the Bruno Generators Group, explained the characteristics of the Generating Sets produced by Bruno for use in railway and road infrastructures, illustrating their peculiarities, operational capabilities and low environmental impact.