Film directors? Very competent in their work, but very demanding and fussy, sometime foul-tempered. The generator cannot fail. The Bruno Movie Master represent an indispensable aid to facilitate their job.

The ideal piece of equipment for the movie industry, where the slightest fluctuations of the frequency could create lights alterations that are not visible to the naked eye but results from filming.

It is with this latest range of ultra-quiet Movie Master generators that Bruno meets the needs of this very demanding and detail-oriented industry.

Bruno’s Movie Master generators are currently available with 4 Tier 4F motor models:
– 1.000A
– 1.400A
– 1.650A
– 1.900A

The full range of these models is also available with STAGE V engines that comply with European emission regulations.

The standard equipment is highly customized and specially designed to be operator friendly.

It includes, among many accessories, multiple sets of camlocks, voltage selector switch, synchronization panel, specific outlets for movie lights, courtesy outlets, trailers (on request) and much more to ensure great reliability and best performances.

All the units are soundproofed in ultra-silent galvanized steel cabins and equipped with an electric radiator with electric fans (VSi Technology).

Despite the complexity of Tier 4F and STAGE V engines linked to the ATS – aftertreatment system and its different management and funcionality, Bruno has carried out the manufacturing of these units with a very compact layout.

A 1900A unit, for example, is fitted in a canopy of approx. 100’’x 50’’ x 90’’ and it is characterized by a very low noise level of ~60 dB(A)@23ft.

Having these features they are ideal to be transported on trucks transversely or on trailers.

In addition to compactness, Bruno has also thought about a special design for a very demanding industry that imposes strict aesthetic requirements such as fully boltless units so they can be easily camouflaged among the other equipment used in this sector.

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